Decolonising Languages Network

The Institute of Modern Languages Research has partnered with the University of Birmingham to develop a Decolonising Languages Network, co-hosted between Birmingham and London. This initiative was launched in September 2020 with an inaugural conference, Decolonising Modern Languages: A Symposium for Sharing Practices and Ideas, and seeks to establish a hub for ongoing work on decolonising research and teaching, embedding anti-racism and rethinking the curriculum in Modern Languages and Cultures.

Co-ordinated by Emanuelle Santos (Birmingham) and Joseph Ford (IMLR), the network has established a mailing list, DECOLONISING-LANGUAGES-NETWORK, which anyone can sign up to at the following link:

We are currently working to establish a website and will post further updates on this page. Please see below a list of calls, events and event recordings related to decolonising languages:

Calls for Papers:

Transnationalising the Word: A Decolonising Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Modern Languages

Forthcoming events:

AMLUK Symposium on Pedagogies in Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics

Event recordings:

Decolonising Modern Languages: A Symposium for Sharing Practices and Ideas

For further information about the network, please contact Joseph Ford: