Academic and Other Sites that Focus on French and Francophone Literatures 
Website arising from L’Autofiction conference at Cérisy-la-Salle, July 2008.

Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir
Fondé en 1982 par Carole Roussopoulos, Delphine Seyrig et Ioana Wieder, le Centre Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir a pour mission de recenser tous les documents audiovisuels sur les droits, les luttes, l'art et la création des femmes, de les faire connaître et de les distribuer. Also includes recorded lectures at the Institut Emilie du Châtelet, including Françoise Héritier, Julia Kristeva, Nicole Pellegrin, and interviews filmed for Genrimages.

La Société Marguerite Duras
La Société Marguerite Duras, qui a été fondé en janvier 1997 et qui a bénéficié du soutien du service culturel de l’Ambassade de France à Londres, a pour but l’étude et la promotion de l’oeuvre de Marguerite Duras.

French Studies Library Web
Linked to the French Studies Library Group, which promotes the responsible collection and dissemination of French printed and electronic resources, in libraries and other associated institutions. The site includes a short-focused hyperlinked list of web ‘starting points’ for French and Francophone studies.

Groupe de Recherche sur l'Extrême Contemporain (GREC)
Based at the University of Bari. Coordinates research into contemporary French literature within its Language Faculty. Produces a monthly newsletter dealing with areas including literature, arts and music.

Limag (Littératures du Maghreb)
An extensive site focusing on Maghrebi writing. Highlights include a database of theses in this field, which can be reached via the hyperlink to CICLIM (Coordination Internationale des Chercheurs sur les Littératures Maghrébines). Calls for papers also feature.

Lire les femmes écrivains et les literatures africaines
Cinquante comptes-rendus d’ouvrages écrits par des romancières évoquant l’Afrique peuvent être consultés sur ce site.

Academic Sites with Resources Relating to French Women Authors

Archives du féminisme

Littérature orale et écrit des îliens
Part of the Lehman College site/City University of New York (CUNY). Gives alphabetical index of ‘island’ writing. Provides a short biography and bibliography of primary and secondary works for each author and audio texts for some writers. Contemporary women writers featured include Suzanne Dracius

A Celebration of Women Writers
Part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Digital Library projects. Celebrates women’s writing and tries to bring texts by women authors back into the public domain, although tends to focus more on historical texts. Allows users to search by ‘Name, Date, Country, and Ethnicity Information’.

Selected Academic Journals

Please note this list is highly selective. Journals that have published articles in the field of contemporary women’s writing in French are prioritized, although some with a more canonical focus are included

Australian Journal of French Studies

Contemporary French and Francophone Studies

Contemporary Women's Writing

Dalhousie French Studies

Forum for Modern Language Studies

French Studies

Journal of Romance Studies

Modern and Contemporary France

Modern Language Review

Nottingham French Studies

Romance Studies

Selected French Publishers

Albin Michel

Christian Bourgois

Éditions du Seuil

Fayard  (Also gives access to information on Mille et une nuits and Pauvert)





See also French Book News, which provides an extensive list of French Publishers’ details, and

La République des Lettres for an exhaustive list with sometimes brief details

Other Specialist Imprints

A small emerging imprint, founded in 2002 on Martinique. Currently publishes two Martiniquaise women writers – Suzanne Dracius and Marie-Laure Larade. Site includes a limited events listing for readings and debates relating predominantly to Dracius’ texts.

Edizioni B.A. Graphis 
Italian imprint. Publishers of Le goût de roman (2002) - a collection of critical reflections on contemporaneity in French literature, edited by Matteo Majorrano of GREC (Group de Recherche sur l’Extrême Contemporain). Includes analysis of the works of Nothomb, Kristof and Desbiolles among others. 

Presse de l’Université Paris-Sorbonne   (recent publications)

Peter Lang
Currently free review copies of books can be requested online, in return for two copies of the review. Site languages English, French or German

Major Libraries, Institutions, Associations and Bibliographical Databases

Arts and Humanities Research Board

Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France

Bibliothèque nationale de France

British Academy

British Library

Contemporary Women’s Writing Association

Copac/Consortium of British Research Libraries (CURL)
Also gives access, via associated libraries to major databases such as the British Humanities Citation Index. Much information password-protected. Contact relevant library/Athens for password eligibility

Culturetheque is a new online platform launched by the Institut francais du Royaume-Uni, offering cultural and educational content in French throughout the UK: e-books - documentaries - contemporary novels - essays - audio books - archives - guide books - films - classics - podcasts - videos

European Social Research Council (ESRC)

French Institute/Institut français, London
See also the Ministérè d’Affaires Étrangères database, which allows search for French Institutes and Alliances worldwide

Institut de France

Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)

Leverhulme Trust

Library of Congress

Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA)

Modern Language Association (MLA)
Contact details to request MLA Bibliographic Information offline:

The Society for French Studies

L'Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris IV

Women in French US

See also Braintrack Index: French Universities  for a comprehensive list of French University contact details

Magazines and Literary Communities Online

Cahiers de médiologie
Linked to Fayard and overseen by Régis Debray, this weekly magazine explores issues of cultural transmission

Calendar site for Francophone social science research

Online community for those researching literature. Includes information on conferences and calls for papers

Les Inrockuptibles
Magazine about music, cinema and literature. Has published some interesting pieces on contemporary authors but now charges for full access to archived articles

Literary magazine

La Matricules des anges
Literary magazine. A good source of extended book reviews and author interviews. Includes thoughtful pieces by experienced writers such as Thierry Guichard

Librairie Pantoute

Selected French Newspapers / Press Online

Please note that many now charge for access to archives

Agence France Presses



Le Monde

Le Nouvel Observateur

See Also: for a more extensive list of hyperlinks to French newspapers

Bookshops with Online Ordering

Can source academic and out-of-print books as well as more popular texts

Amazon France



Librairie Pantoute

See Also: for a more extensive list of online booksellers

Literary Prizes

Prix Littéraires
Gives a brief introduction to the major French literary prizes and allows for a detailed search of prize-winners 1998-2004