From Prague Poet to Oxford Anthropologist: Franz Baermann Steiner Celebrated

Edited by Jeremy Adler, Richard Fardon, and Carol Tully
20 October 2003
265 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-203-8

Franz Baermann Steiner is increasingly recognized as one of the leading poets and anthropologists of the mid-twentieth century. The first book of essays on Steiner, this volume collects the papers given at a symposium held at the Institute of Germanic Studies to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of Steiner's birth, and which brought together all the major scholars working on Steiner, as well as several younger ones. The papers take a fresh look at Steiner's life and work, locating him more precisely against his Prague background and the English emigré community, whilst at the same time placing him in the context of mid-twentieth century culture, and specifically in his relation to the Shoah. Its foundational readings of his literary and anthropological works enable a rich and multi-faceted view to emerge of a writer who, as an anthropologist, belonged to the English-speaking world, but as a poet, formed part of the German literary tradition. 

Pavel Seifter: Preface
Jeremy Adler, Richard Fardon and Carol Tully: Introduction
Richard Fardon: 'Religion and the Anthropologists' Revisited: Reflections on Franz Baermann Steiner, E.E. Evans-Pritchard, and the 'Oxford School' at their Century's End
Erhard Schüttpelz: Transformation and Identification: Franz Baermann Steiner's 'chief sociological principle'
Michael Mack: The Dialectics of Naming. Franz Baermann Steiner's Critical Engagement with Myth, Value, and Redemption
Robert B. Pynsent: Franz Baermann Steiner's First Work, Die Planeten , in its Czech Literary Context
Ines Schlenker: Painting Authors: The Portraits of Elias Canetti, Iris Murdoch, and Franz Baermann Steiner by Marie-Louise von Motesiczky
Peter J. Conradi: Franz Baermann Steiner's Influence on Iris Murdoch
Carol Tully: Franz Baermann Steiner and Spain: 'The Prayer in the Garden' and Manrique's 'Coplas a la Muerte de su Padre'
Rüdiger Görner: Shadows and Borderlands: A Motif in the Poetry of Franz Baermann Steiner
Katrin Kohl: Guarding the Myths: Franz Baermann Steiner's Conquests
Nicholas Ziegler: 'To find a language where no neighbours call': Reflections on the Reception of Franz Baermann Steiner's Poetry
Franz Baermann Steiner Remembered
H.G. Adler: Letter to Chaim Rabin
Esther Frank: Memories of F.B. Steiner
Elias Canetti: Franz Steiner