London German Studies V

Edited by Martin Swales
1 September 1993
↑ 220 mm
211 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-166-6

The papers comprised in London German Studies V were selected to give an idea of the variety and vigour of British German Studies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. All were given at the Institute of Germanic Studies, London, during the period 1989-1993, but there are two distinct clusters of papers. One derives from the Mozart symposium, held in January 1991, and two musicologists and two literary scholars explore the extraordinary achievement of the composer. The other reflects a time when the map of Germany and, with it, that of Europe was re-drawn, hence it seemed right and proper that a number of papers should be concerned with the GDR and its demise.

Martin Swales: Preface
Peter Branscombe: Mozart the Arch-Englishman
W.E. Yates: The Biedermeier Mozart
Robert Meikle: Sonata Forms in the Mature Operas of Mozart
David Cairns: Hazardous Simplicity. Reflections on Mozart’s Magic Flute
R.H. Stephenson and Patricia D. Zecevic: ‘Das Was bedenke…' On the content, Structure, and Form of Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister
David Luke: Eros und Priapus: Afterthoughts on Goethe’s Römische Elegien and Das Tagebuch
Michael Minden: Heinrich von OfterdingenDer Nachsommer, and the Literary Construction of the Subject
Elizabeth Boa: Letters from a Bachelor: Kafka’s Letters to Felice and Milena
Anthony Phelan: Framing to Pronounce it Right: Celan’s Passwords
J.H. Reid: What is Different and Who is Anders? Some thoughts on Brigitte Burmeister and Forty Years of GDR Literature
Michael Beddow: Sources of Identity: Reflections on the Pronoun 'Wir' in Christa Wolf’s Fiction
Hartmut Steinecke: From Two German Literatures to One Literature? Reflections on German Unity and Certain Literary Developments from 1976 to 1990