London German Studies II

Edited by J. P. Stern
1 June 1983
220 × 140 mm
206 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-112-3

Of the eleven papers which appear in this volume, all but two were delivered between 1980 and 1983 at the Institute of Germanic Studies, London. Corbet Stewart's and J.P. Stern's were read at the joint meeting, at Easter 1982, of the Conference of University Teachers of German in Great Britain and Ireland and the English Goethe Society at Queen Mary College, London. All, including the two written on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Goethe's death, may be read as evidence that, governmentally-induced alarm and despondency notwithstanding, the continuity of German Studies in London is unimpaired.

J.P. Stern: Preface
Heinz Rupp: Die Bedeutung der Gawan-Bücher im Parzival Wolframs von Eschenbach
John L. Flood: Schwarze Kunst – graue Theorie? Some Reflections on Textual Bibliography and German Literature
J.P. Stern: On Goethe’s Pandora
Nicholas Boyle: Goethe and T.S. Eliot
Sander L. Gilman: Nietzsche, Heine, and the Rhetoric of Anti-Semitism
Marianne Wynn: Medieval Literature in Reception: Richard Wagner and Wolfram’s Parzival
Edward Timms: Novelle and Case History: Freud in Pursuit of the Falcon
Corbet Stewart: Some Problems in Reading Celan
David Jenkinson Zu den Romanen Hermann Kants
Joyce Crick: Dichtung und Wahrheit: Aspects of Christa Wolf’s Kindheitsmuster
Walter Weiss: Franz Kafka – Thomas Bernhard. Ein Teil-Vergleich