London German Studies I

Edited by C.V. Bock
1 October 1980
220 × 140 mm
173 pp
Paperback: 978-0-85457-095-9

The subject matter of the seven papers presented here as London German Studies spans the period from about 1200 to the present day. All were delivered at the Institute of Germanic Studies, London, between 1976 and 1980. Four of the contributors are members of the University of London, who have been joined by distinguished colleagues from the Universities of Graz, Manchester, and Stanford.

C.V. Bock: Preface
R.A. Wisbey: The Renovatio Amoris in Gottfried’s Tristan
M.O’C. Walshe: Was Meister Eckhart a Heretic? On the 650th Anniversary of the Bull In Agro Dominico
Peter Skrine: ‘ngelus Silesius; or, The Art of being an Angel
F.K. Stanzel: National Character as Literary Stereotype. An Analysis of the Image of the German in English Literature before 1800
Katharina Mommsen: Goethes Begegnung mit Schiller in neuer Sicht
Alexander Stillmark: The Poet and his Public. Hofmannsthal’s 'idealer Zuhörer'
C.V. Bock: Castrum Peregrini Amsterdam. Profil einer Zeitschrift’