Institute Staff

Academic Staff 

Professor Charles Burdett

Director of the Institute of Modern Languages Research
Professor (Italian Studies)




Dr Joseph Ford

Lecturer in French Studies

Dr Rupert Knox

Research Assistant


Dr Ainhoa Montoya

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies
Director, Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Professor Linda Newson

Professor Emerita


Dr Katia Pizzi

Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies
On leave of absence

Professor Gill Rye

Professor Emerita

Professor Naomi SegalProfessor Naomi Segal

Professor Emerita

Professor Godela Weiss-SussexProfessor Godela Weiss-Sussex

Professor in Modern German Literature

Dr Naomi Wells

Lecturer in Modern Languages (Italian/Spanish) 
with Digital Humanities

Dr Enaiê Azambuja

Fellow in Environmental Humanities

Administrative Staff 

Ms Cathy Collins

Institute Manager

Ms Jane Lewin

IMLR Trusts Administrator /
Events Manager

Ms Jenny Stubbs

Academic Engagement and Impact Officer

Ms Celia Barlow

Editorial Administrator, Journal of Latin American Studies

Library and Archive Staff 

Mr Julio Cazzasa

Latin American Studies Collection Development Coordinator

Dr Clare George

Miller Archivist (Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies)

Ms Andrea Meyer Ludowisy

Research Librarian (West European Languages)