Mediating Historical Responsibility

Mediating Historical Responsibility
21 June 2022, 12.00pm - 1.30pm

Seminar series in partnership with the
Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory (CCM)
and Birkbeck Guilt Working Group

Co-convened by Joseph Ford (IMLR), James Brown and Sam Ashenden (BBK)

Speakers: Guido Bartolini and Joseph Ford  
In this session, the editors of the forthcoming collection, Mediating Historical Responsibility: Memories of ‘Difficult Pasts’ in European Culture (De Gruyter) will present research relating to the volume and the writing of the introductory chapter. In particular, this talk will foreground the notion of responsibility in relation to a series of neighbouring concepts such as those of complicity, implication, participation, and guilt. The talk aims to present the results of an initial literature review about some of these notions and to establish a dialogue with scholars in the Guilt Group to explore connections between theories of guilt and responsibility from both individual and collective perspectives.

Guido Bartolini is Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Cork. He is the author of the The Italian Literature of the Axis War: Memories of Self-Absolution and the Quest for Responsibility (Palgrave Macmillan: 2021). In the academic year 2020-2021, he curated the interdisciplinary seminar series ‘Mediated Memories of Responsibility’ hosted by the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory of IMLR. For UCC, he is currently curating the conference ‘Cultural Memory of Past Dictatorships: Narratives of Implication in a Global Perspective’. 

Joseph Ford is Lecturer in French Studies and Director of the Centre for the Study of Cultural Memory at the IMLR. He is the author of Writing the Black Decade: Conflict and Criticism in Francophone Algerian Literature (Lexington Books: 2021). 

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Joseph Ford