Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933

Wednesday 8 May 2019
The investigation which began with Arts in Exile in Britain 1933-45 (2004) is continued in the latest volume of the Yearbook of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Studies .

CCWW Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Monday 29 April 2019
The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women’s Writing (CCWW) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019 with a series of events that showcase the variety of its work. 

University of London Position on the Senate House Boycott

Friday 12 April 2019
The University of London has today issued the following statement regarding the ongoing campaign for a boycott of events at Senate House in support of outsourced workers.  'The University believes this call is illogical. The suggestion that these workers are exploited is simply wrong. None are precarious workers, many have worked on our premises for many years and, since 2012, all receive at least the London Living Wage. 

Towards a new Strategy for Language Maintenance

Wednesday 27 March 2019
A conference entitled 'Non-Standard And Minority Varieties as Community Languages in the UK: Towards a new Strategy for Language Maintenance' at the University of Westminster aims to design a new strategy for the maintenance of the UK’s community languages.

Languages in the UK - A Call for Action

Monday 4 March 2019
'The UK has the potential to become a linguistic powerhouse. If it did, it would be more prosperous, productive, influential, innovative, knowledgeable, culturally richer, more socially cohesive, and, quite literally, healthier.

Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889-1928

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Pacifist and Anti-Militarist Writing in German, 1889-1928 has been published. Edited by Andreas Kramer (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Ritchie Robertson (University of Oxford), the volume explores opposition to war and militarism among a range of German-language authors in a period roughly defined by two international bestsellers: Suttner’s Die Waffen nieder! (1889) and Remarque’s Im Westen nichts Neues (1928).

2019 Sylvia Naish Lecture Competition Winner Announced

Tuesday 12 February 2019
The winner of this year’s Sylvia Naish Lecture competition is Doriane Zerka, who will be giving her lecture entitled 'Constructing Identities: Depictions of Iberia in Medieval German Literature' on Thursday, 4 April 2019. Doriane is a final-year research student at King's College London. She read European Studies at Queen Mary University of London, where she graduated with First Class Honours in German and Hispanic Studies, and went on to the University of Cambridge where she wrote her MPhil thesis on Dietrich von Bern in the Kaiserchronik and the Nibelungenlied .

2018 Bithell Prize-winners Announced

Tuesday 5 February 2019
Mrs Margaret May, Ms Eleanor Gratton and Ms Nancy Wilson are the Bithell Prize-winners for 2018. The Jethro Bithell Prize , for the best performance in a University of London MA or MRes with a minimum German component of 50%, was awarded to Mrs Margaret May, a student on the IMLR’s MRes course, for her dissertation ‘Objects and Jewish Identity in Fictional Works by Georg Hermann, Barbara Honigmann and Katja Petrowskaja’. The external examiner commented ‘I have rarely read a masters’ dissertation as well-written and persuasive as this’.