Re-Educating German POWs after WW2

Monday 2 July 2018

At the end of WWII there were over 400,000 German POWs housed in 1,500 camps throughout the UK. Some were very young and had received their education under the Nazi system. To enable them to take their place in a democratic post-war Germany re-education was necessary. Some 200 lecturers travelled the length and breadth of the country to lecture in the camps and prepare the prisoners for civilian life. 

Jennifer Taylor's latest book contains over 50 letters and reports written by one such lecturer, Paul Bondy, a German refugee. His experience of the lecture circuit is compared to that of another refugee, Hermann Sinsheimer, whose correspondence has to date appeared only in German. This title offers a grass-roots perspective of conditions in POW camps and of prisoner morale in the early post-war years, and affords insight into the difficulties experienced by those charged with actually delivering the lecture programme during this time of austerity.

Re-Educating German Prisoners-of-War after WW2, edited and introduced by Jennifer Taylor is published by the Anglo-German Family History Society (ISBN 978 0 9571763 3 1), from whom copies are available.

Paul Bondy's archive is housed at the University of London Senate House.