Kindertransport hard to describe as a success

Thursday 22 November 2018

In her latest article Kindertransport expert Andrea Hammel argues that the programme that was to save the lives of 10,000 children should not be seen as the unmitigated success it is often portrayed. In online magazine The Conversation (22 November 2018), she outlines the heavy price paid by the child refugees who came over in the transports just before the start of WW2. 

Of the 10,000 who came to Britain, it is estimated that only about half saw one or both of their parents again; most of the others suffered the trauma of finding out that their parents had been murdered in the Holocaust. Of those reunited after the end of the war, having been apart for many years, children and parents had lost both their emotional bonds and their common cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

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The author is Reader in German at Aberystwyth University and a member of the Research Centre for German & Austrian Exile Studies at the IMLR.