Cross-Language Dynamics Project Brochure Available

Monday 16 August 2021

The OWRI project ‘Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community’ (CLDRC), in which IMLR, School of Advanced Study led on the Translingual Strand, has produced a booklet showcasing some of the project’s research activities. The project addressed questions of whether and how the languages we speak define the communities we align with, and how language community boundaries may be made more porous.

CLDRC is a large consortium of 12 UK universities with partners throughout the world and including multiple non-academic stakeholders from the worlds of policymaking and government, local service provision, think tanks, libraries, schools, cultural institutions and the voluntary sector. It is structured around three main strands, each of which focused on a particular kind of language community formation involving a specific form of cross-language dynamic. The Multilingual Community Strand specialised in urban communities within single nations but characterised by linguistic diversity. The Transnational Community Strand considered communities sharing a single language but spread across multiple nations. The Translingual Community Strand examined single communities formed through cultural creativity, or with the help of translators, across several language boundaries.

Read about some of the CLDRC highlights in the booklet: