Bilingualism Matters London

Bilingualism Matters London is a branch of the research and information centre Bilingualism Matters, which was founded at the University of Edinburgh by Professor Antonella Sorace in 2008.

Bilingualism Matters London was launched on 1 November 2019. Our aim is to bring together academic researchers from London-based higher education institutions, non-academic stakeholders, and members of the public in a collaborative knowledge exchange about bi-/multilingualism, language learning and their benefits.

Our branch and its activities will reinforce the key message that everyone can enjoy the benefits of having more than one language and that decisions taken about bi-/multilingualism and language learning must be informed by scientific evidence.

The branch is a consortium partnership with current members from the Institute of Modern Languages Research at the University of London, the University of Westminster, and University College London Institute of Education. Any institutions from across the London area wishing to join the branch are invited to contact the Institute of Modern Languages Research in the first instance.


Meet the team at Bilingualism Matters London


Charles Burdett


Professor Charles Burdett

Director, Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London
Branch Director





Dr Roberto Filippi

Associate Professor, UCL Institute of Education, University College London
Branch Co-Director



Julia Hofweber


Dr Julia Hofweber

Postdoctoral researcher at UCL Institute of Education
Research interests: the cognitive processes underlying language acquisition and language selection in multilinguals; currently working on a project about implicit learning in sign language



Dr Petros Karatsareas

Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics, University of Westminster
Branch Co-Director



Dimitra Lazaridou


Dr Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga

Affiliated Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Research interests: formal and experimental semantics and pragmatics, psycholinguistics, 1st and 2nd language acquisition



Esther de Leeuw


Dr Esther de Leeuw

Reader in Experimental Linguistics and Phonetics, Queen Mary University of London
Research interests: bilingualism, multilingualism, L1 attrition, L2 acquisition, executive control, phonetics, phonology




Professor Li Wei

Professor in Applied Linguistics, UCL Institute of Education, University College London
Branch Co-Director



Vally Lytra


Dr Vally Lytra

Reader in Languages in Education, Centre for Language, Culture and Learning, Goldsmiths, University of London



Kathleen McCarthy


Dr Kathleen McCarthy

Lecturer in Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London
Research interests: sequential bilingualism, heritage language acquisition, speech perception and production in infancy and childhood, early literacy skills  



Chloe Marshall


Professor Chloe Marshall

Professor of Psychology, Language and Education at the UCL Institute of Education
Research interests: bimodal-bilingual education for deaf and hearing children, and how hearing adults learn sign languages



Yaron Matras


Professor Yaron Matras

Professor of Linguistics, School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures, University of Manchester



Giulia Pepe


Dr Giulia Pepe

University of Westminster
Researcher in Italian Migration, Socio-Cultural Linguistics, Translanguaging, Multilingualism, Language and Identity



DEvyani Sharma


Professor Devyani Sharma

Professor of Sociolinguistics, Queen Mary University of London
Research interests: ociolinguistics, language contact, language change in bilingual settings



Doctoral Volunteers


Orianna Bairaktari

UCL Institute of Education
Research interests: bilingualism, cognitive control, language proficiency




Xuran Han

UCL Institute of Education
Research interests: bilingualism/multilingualism, bilingual language switching, multi-language processing, cognitive control, cognitive reserve




Christopher Pelz

UCL Institute of Education
Research interests: bilingualism, ADHD, second language acquisition




Alexandra Rappoport

University of Westminster
Research interests: multillingualism, higher education, translanguaging, speakers of Russian, language and identity




Eleftheria Sofroniou

University of Westminster
Research interests: multilingualism, language and identity, folk dancing and identity, sociocultural linguistics, Greek Cypriot migration